Monday, December 19, 2011

THE CEILI COTTAGE...The Irish Pub that feels like - well, the cottage!

I do love my Ceili Cottage. True, it is located right in my new adopted neighbourhood of Leslieville, but regardless, it is as unpretientious and comforting as it gets - same goes with the ambiance and food.

Let me get right to the food here (really what my focus is on ha) and allow me to be a slightly biased here... and promote my favorite dish on the menu which is a  must try (and there are several other yummy choices). What I am talking about is the mixed mushroom and blue cheese on toast platter. In front of you lies a beautiful and generous assortment of mushrooms (shitake, oyster etc) which fully covers 2 fresh slices of house toasted bread.  The whole arrangement is topped with a generous portion of blue cheese. Needless the say the combination is magic. There are wicked oyster plates of course - one of their specialties. They shuck each oyster right there in front of you, grate some fresh horseradish, and provide you with 3 very different but all very tasty homemade sauces (see pic below)

Numerous and unique beers are also available on tap. And, best of all, the atmosphere is like nowhere else in the city. You literally feel like you've just entered a friend's small cottage. Cider, local beer, as well as various private imports are on tap. In terms of wine (yes some of us are just not beer drinkers) these guys have a a good selection for a pub, at different price points, including affordable wines by the glass, for example a tasty pinot grigio & reisling for only $6.50!

Each day serves up new food specials on their blackboard - around 10 bucks for the main...very affordable! These include curries, and burgers, depending on the day of the week (check website for daily specials). They also serve a wicked bowl of mussles and homecooked mac and cheese (see picture or me below endulging lol)
The service is also stellar - enough personality here to keep you entertained all night! For example, just start a convo with Kyle - you'll know whaat I mean. (He always makes fun of me for being

So forget the Fox, Firkin, Fiddle or any other of those Toronto conventional and indistinguishable bar chains we find at every second corner in this city. This place brings you back in time to what a pub was traditionally all about - good drink, fare, and company in an unprentious setting. Besides, what other bar in this city holds a skating rink in the winter and patio in the summer in the same space! So make your way out to the east and visit this gem...

Fully enjoying the mussles and homemade mac and cheese!

Bartender Kyle oyster shucking away some Maritime oysters

Half dozen maritime oyster plate..with all the fixins: fresh horseradish and 3 homemade sauces

The Ceili Cottage
1301 Queen Street East, (just east of Leslie Street)


  1. sounds delicious!!
    and you're so right about all those cookie-cutter irish pubs lying around.

  2. Wonderful review - I think the title could use some work though. J/K - You've got my card, send me some mail.


    - James